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21 Feb 2012

About Me

. 21 Feb 2012

This site is a personal effort to build an internet corner for electronic hobby. Here you can find interesting electronic schematics projects, articles, a links collection and an electronics hobby community.

The site was build having in mind the easy of navigation and the clear layout so visitor is not confused seeing info that is not useful. Also you will find some advertisements placed harmonically in the layout. These advertisements are the only way to keep the site running.

Now several things about myself:

    • Name               : Ekwanto
    • Birthday          : 12 Februari 1981
    • Location          : Banyuwangi
    • Country           : Indonesia
    • Hobbies           : Electronics projects, sound system projects
    • Studying         : SMK Muhammadiyah 2 Genteng  of  Banyuwangi.

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